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If you are already an established industry professional, you can expand your portfolio by offering current and new clients products and services that they may seek elsewhere.  You are your client’s one-stop-shop.

The more products and services that you can provide to your clients, the more likely they are to stay with you for the long-term.  Our products are a perfect match for Realtors, CPAs, Loan Originators, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Business Consultants and more.

Here is an example of some of the solutions that you may offer your clients:

  • Land Banking:  For those clients interested in Real Estate, you can offer them Land Banking, which is simply the purchase of predeveloped commercial land in Georgia. For as little as $40,000, you can place clients in a great investment with incredible growth potential.

    • Does the client have an old IRA or 401k?  Using a self-directed IRA, your client can invest these funds in Real Estate.

    • Was your client turned down for financing for a property, but has at least $40,000 for a Real Estate investment?

    • Is your client adverse to the stock market?

    • No license is required.  Learn more about Land Banking here.

  • Mortgage Term Life Insurance: When a Real Estate Transaction closes, why not provide your client with a term life insurance policy to pay off the mortgage in the event of premature death?

    • ALL of our life insurance policies include living benefits, so if your client suffers from a critical illness (heart attack, stroke, cancer, ALS), chronic illness, or terminal illness, they can receive a portion of the death benefit while they are alive.  This is a great part of a comprehensive financial plan.

  • Debt Elimination: Most clients have debt.  Whether it is a mortgage, student loans, car payments, credit cards or other loans, debt in America is at an all-time high.  With our debt elimination program, we can show clients how to get out of debt in 8-10 years, including their mortgage.  Learn more about the Worth Unlimited program here.

  • Active Money Management: You may have clients that want to invest in the stock market.  We have an alliance with a very reputable money manager.

    • You refer the business over to them – they close the sale.

    • Minimum $30,000 investment

    • You get paid a monthly/quarterly referral fee as a percentage of the assets under management.  This is true residual income.

    • No securities license is required (most states)

  • Merchant Services:  Do you have clients that own small or medium-sized businesses?

      • With our alliance with iTransact, we can save your clients money on their monthly credit card transaction fees.

      • You get paid an ongoing, recurring residual income.

      • Learn about iTransact here.

  • In-Force Annuities:  Do you have clients that are interested in a guaranteed, steady income stream and do not want any risk?

    • Guaranteed returns up to 7% return

    • Commissions may be split between 1 licensed person and 1 non-licensed person.

    • You are selling the proceeds of the annuity, not the annuity itself.

    • Learn about what an “In-Force Annuity” is here.

  • Credit Restoration: Do you have clients that have credit problems?

    • Bankruptcies?  Tax Liens?  Late Payments

    • We have an alliance with CreditDNA

    • Learn more about CreditDNA here

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